About us
About us

N.C.C-New Color Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of surface pigment applicable to various fields of industries and commerce. Our goal is to bring to this world fantastic multi-colors

We specialize in materials and products that change colors, especially for thermochromics (colors that change with temperature) and photochromics (colors that change with UV light) ,the Photo-luminescent (colors that Glow-in-the-Dark), Reflective Powder, Bronze Powder as well as Fluorescent Pigment,etc. Our products can apply to widely applications including Ink,Paint,Masterbatch, Plastic injection & extrusion and all kinds of surface printing ,spraying ,coating on products. Click to visit our products page 

NewColorChem always focuses on superior quality and service.  We strive to enable our clients to do business with us simply and effectively. Our product may be technical, but our service is simple. Our customers from around the world have found that NewColorChem is a product that works.

You are welcomed to contact us for more information. Click to visit our products page

Products type
  ¡€Thermochromic pigment
  ¡€Photochromic pigment
  ¡€Reflective Powder
  ¡€Metallic Pigment
  ¡€Glow in the Dark
  ¡€Fluorescent pigment
  ¡€Irreversible thermochromic
  ¡€Product Application
  ¡€New Product
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