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Changing Color Umbrella

¡¾Product Name¡¿:

    ¡¾1¡¿ Magic Changing Color Umbrella;
    ¡¾2¡¿Anti-UV light Umbrella
    ¡¾3¡¿Changing Color Umbrella

Such magic can change color when it wet ,Later will come back to its original color when it dry.

¡¾Product Description ¡¿:
¡¾Style¡¿:triple folding umbrellas
¡¾Size of opening Umbrella¡¿: Diameter 100cm (Adult use, large size )
¡¾Size of package¡¿: Length 26.8cm * Diameter 6.2cm
¡¾G.W.¡¿: 600grams
¡¾Material¡¿Thicken Silver plasters ¨CPG cloth (100% isolate UV light ,41% ideal cooling effect)
¡¾Color ¡¿£ºBlack color ,Light bronze color,Wine color ,etc
¡¾Offer¡¿:Finished umbrella 5000PCS

¡¾Compare bellow pictures'changing from¡¿:

Photo 2: Before  Colour Changing Umbrella---Dry

Photo 3: Finished Colour Changing Umbrella--Wet,Raining


 Be packed by umbrella bag, PP bags and then outside with Paper tube barrel
More details pls contact with us by mail ,phone ,online tools .You are always best welcome.

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