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Reflective powder for film

Product name : Reflective powder
Color avalable:  White color ;Gray color

Particle size :   50~80    mesh
                     150~200 mesh
                     300~400 mesh
                     400~500 mesh 
                     500~600 mesh
                     600~800 mesh

Refractive index :1.90,1.93 and 2.2,
The rate of opacity: ¡Ü 1%,
the rate of the whole roundness: ¡Ý 95%.

¡¾Product characteristics¡¿:
Good fluidity, pure color, high transparency, high temperature, high level of antioxidant, good reflective effect. Good product, low price! 

¡¾Reflective powder application¡¿: 

Reflection brightness changes along with the amount of adding powder. 
Reflective ink,reflective paint,traffic signs, reflective materials,reflective fabric, reflective film, reflective coatings, reflective signs, advertising materials, clothing materials, the standard field runway, shoes, hats, bags, life-saving supplies and so on.

Available can be used in areas: Roads, ports, mines, fire ,the safety mark, enhanced user's security reliability greatly. Widely used in screen printing and other fields.

Package: Net Weight25kg/barrel.



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