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Reversible &Irreversible Thermochromic Pigment

Thermochromic pigment ---Changing color by its activation tempature

These special effect pigments allow for a visual response to changes in temperature. The pigments are composed of microcapsules that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the pigment goes from colored to colorless. The color returns to the original color as the pigment is cooled down. The particle size of the thermochromic pigment for all products is <6 microns (97%). The color and temperature are selected by the user.

  • Activation temperatures :-15℃~ 70℃ are available
  • Heat resistant:Max anti-temperature can up to 280 degree.
  • Properties :Nontoxic, harmless, without radioactivity, good chemical stability.It can be added to various mediums like paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, resin, glass, etc.
  • Available for oil-based and water-based ink,paint.
  • Powder form

Product categories

  • Reversible Thermochromic pigment(Original color--Colorless-back to its Original color)
  • Irreversible Thermochromic pigment(Colorless-Color and keep this color)
  • Reversible Feeling wet color ink:White ink turn to translucent ink when it meets water.(Water-based ink)

Activation Tempature available:
15℃,16℃,18℃ ,20℃ ,25℃ ,31℃ ,35℃, 43℃ ,63 ℃ ,65℃degreen sentigrate

Color available :
Basic colorRed ,Yellow, Blue ,Black,Green

II. Thermochromic Pigment 
1 GWFR-01 Red   186C
2 GWFY-02 Yellow   108C
3 GWFB-03 Blue               301U
4 GWFG-04 Green   335C
5 GWFH-05 Black   Black5C2X
6 GWFV-06 Violet   2728C
7 GWFDB-07 Dark Blue   294C
8 GWFTB-08 Turkish blue   320C
9 GWFSB-09 Sky Blue           313C
10 GWFGG-10 Grass Green   802U
11 GWFO-11 Orange   021C
12 GWFM-12 Magenta   Rubine Red C
13 GWFRR-13 Rose Red   RoseRed 807C2X
14 GWFVR-14 Vermilion Red   185C
15 GWFC-15 Brown    
Other special colors, If necessary please consult us 

Note: Above colors are just for reference .Please take real color as standard .

Other Information

1, Minimum order:50kg ,if you have other special request,welcome to contact us direactly thro
2, Packing :Carton
3, Sample :available but with charge sample fee.

Applications of Thermochromic Dyes

Thermochromic color changing materials or pigments are generally used in paints, inks, dyes and dyed fabrics. Thermochromic pigments are also used in toys, dolls, recording media and novelties such as seals on beverage mugs that change color when a hot or cold beverage is placed in the mug.

Photo 1: Color change effect of a coffee mug doped with thermochromic pigment

These thermochromic colors are also used in umbrella that would exhibit different colors under shade and in sunlight (Fig. 5). The canopy of the umbrella is dyed with the color changing dyes which undergo color change when exposed to sunlight .

                                                     Photo 2: Color changing umbrella

Examples of current applications are
Plastic cups
              - Packaging containers
              - Kitchen appliances
              - Drinking straws
              - Baby Feeding spoons
              - Ice cream spoons
              - Drink stirrers / swizzle sticks

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