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Pigment for Glowing Masterbatch,Luminescent Plastic

Product Name:Luminous powder

The rare earth-activated alkali earth aluminate-silicate photoluminescent pigment with the chemical formula of compounded by high-temperature solid phase reaction, is a novel, long-efficiency and environmentally friendly material.

Color Available:

Daytime   ¡ú     Nighttime

  • Light Yellow   ¡ú    Yellow-green
  • Light Yellow              Blue-green
  • Light Yellow              Sky-blue
  • Red                             Red                  
  • Green                         Green
  • Orange                      Orange
  • Light Yellow             Yellow

Application Scope:

It can be used in many transparent or translucent media, such as plastic, paint, glaze, ink, glass, printing slurry etc. to produce luminous products. With the good indicating and beautifying effect in darkness, it can be widely used in emergency signs, passway signs, switches, enamel nameplate, road signs, toys, handicraft, clock, meter panels ,textile, firemen's equipment, military and camp instruments etc.

            ¡¾Glowing master batch at night ¡¿


                    ¡¾Above:Daytime    Bottom: Glowing at night¡¿er Information

1, Minimum order:500kg ,if you have other special request,welcome to contact us direactly thro
2, Packing :25kgs/Plastic barrel,NW:25KG,GW:26KG ,  (D*H):0.3*0.335M 0.0237CBM/Barrel
3, Sample :available

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