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Chameleon Pigment (NewColorChem)

         Chameleon series pearl pigments also called as color changing pigments, iridescent pigment, because it presents different colors from different viewing angles. 
         Our chameleon pearl pigments are made of new synthesized transparent tubular crystal materials covered by multiple metallic oxide coatings according to optical property principles. By absorbing and reflecting light rays, the pigments present bright peculiar colors and a dynamic color charming effect. They are widely used in cosmetics, paint, coating, plastic & PU leather. Each piece of pigments reflects constantly changing colors under the condition of different viewing angles and light ray incident angles.

COLOR ITEMS Particle size
Gold-Red-Violet NCP31A 10~60m
Red-Violet-Blue NCP32A 10~60m
Violet-Blue-Green NCP33A 10~60m
Blue-Green NCP21A 10~60m
Gold-Green NCP22A 10~60m
Green-Gold-White-Red NCP40A 10~60m

COLOR ITEMS Particle size
Gold-Red-Violet NCP31B 40~200m
Red-Violet-Blue NCP32B 40~200m
Violet-Blue-Green NCP33B 40~200m
Blue-Green NCP21B 40~200m
Gold-Green NCP22B 40~200m
Green-Gold-White-Red NCP40B 40~200m

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  Thermochromic pigment
  Photochromic pigment
  Reflective Powder
  Metallic Pigment
  Glow in the Dark
  Fluorescent pigment
  Irreversible thermochromic
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